What Is Diaper Need?

Diaper need is a growing problem in our country. A clean diaper means a happy baby, but according to new data from The NDBN Diaper Check 2023: Diaper Insecurity among U.S. Children and Families, one in two U.S. families cannot afford enough diapers to keep their infant or child clean, dry, and healthy. These babies are more vulnerable to painful rashes and urinary tract infections and have more trips to the doctor. Three in five parents miss work or school because they can’t afford the diapers required to leave their baby in Childcare. Clean diapers are a basic need of every baby and toddler.


Without clean diapers:

  • Babies are exposed to potential health risks and toxic stress
  • Mothers are at risk for increased maternal depression
  • Parents are unable to access child care, which requires a daily supply of diapers
  • Parents miss work or school
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Fact Sheet

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What is period poverty?

Half of the population menstruates. We all know plenty of people who have a period. But not everyone knows that two in five people struggle to purchase period supplies due to lack of income. This is called period poverty, and chances are we each know someone who has experienced this need—a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend.

No student should have to miss school, no adult should have to miss work, and no person should have to miss out on daily life because they are unable to afford the basic necessities they require to thrive.


How to get assistance

If you are struggling with diaper need or period poverty, there are eight diaper banks in Missouri to assist you. View the locations to see where the closet's diaper bank is to you.