Ensuring families in underserved communities have the supplies they need to live a healthy life.

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Who we are

The Missouri Coalition of Diaper Banks is a collective of eight diaper banks working together to ensure that families in underserved communities have the diapers and period supplies they need to live a healthy, dignified life. The Coalition’s work is also focused on policy and advocacy issues that affect those we serve, as well as providing access to resources.

Missouri Diaper Banks
What We Do

What we do

The Coalition works together to ensure that all families in Missouri have access to diapers and period supplies through our collective efforts to expand into all 114 counties across the state.  We partner with local community organizations to distribute resources to our respective communities. There are eight total diaper banks in Missouri, serving 150,000 children annually and distributing nearly 8,000,000 diapers and 800,000 feminine hygiene products to families residing in rural and urban communities.

Who we help

In Missouri, 20% of children live in families earning 100%–200% of the Federal Poverty Line. Diapers can cost up to $100 per month, and babies need 6 to 10 diapers per day. Families living in poverty are unable to afford an adequate supply of diapers for their children because of the cost and tax associated with diapers. They are taxed as luxury items instead of basic need items. Due to the pandemic, many families have fallen even lower in the FPL.

Similarly, menstrual hygiene products are essential items for anyone who experiences a menstrual cycle on a regular basis. Without these products, people miss school and work and can struggle with being present while worrying about coverage. 46% of low-income women in St. Louis have had to choose between food and menstrual hygiene products. One in four teens in the US misses class because of a lack of product. It costs on average, $500 annually to manage your period, and if you are low-income, allocating that amount of your limited income to period supplies is exorbitant.

How to get assistance

If you are struggling with diaper need or period poverty, there are eight diaper banks in Missouri to assist you. View the locations to see where the closet's diaper bank is to you.